Summer , Annabell and possible employment!

Nice and relaxing :o)

When I was attending to  Annabell recently she asked me if I enjoyed my nursing job. I said it was a tad time consuming, very demanding and didn’t pay well. I was thinking of looking for easier employment – like crocodile  wrestling  :o)    Yes she is improving nicely and her sense of humour is coming back. Still getting better walking and  during this week I will remove the  walker and  get her to use  me ( well,  my hand) as a support, but

keeping the walker close. If it’s too much then we will  use the walker for a few more days and try again.  Benji and I are still out in the morning for our hike and we try to be quiet in and out, but it doesn’t always work. Still, she can get back to sleep again, which is good. Benji has also settled down and has come to terms with me in the campbed and I don’t get a cold, wet nose in my face in the dark  :o)

Annabell has improved considerably and is talking about going back to her bed. However, we will leave it until after the family visit on   Sunday before we make the move.  That will give me the opportunity to get her room cleared of any potentiol obsticles. I think once she is able to get back into her own bed, and gets  good sleeps, she will improve a lot more. Not that she can’t sleep in the recliner, but she will be a lot more relaxed and comfortable in her bed.

Each day is pretty much the same. I take Benji out in the morning then, leaving Annabell sleeping, quietly go to my room and either read or work on

Recliner – not quite, but close

the computer – like now. Things, however is serious in that I have completed  the  current 4th quarter edition of the Church Magazine, printed, collated and will distribute on Sunday to non email people – I have completed the Christmas 22 Edition and  will print, collate and distribute that soon and  I have started  working on the  First Quarter edition for February 2023. Of course, what will happen is that Annabell will get well, I’ll go back to my normal routine and next thing you know it will be late January and I will be rushing like mad to try and get the First Quarter Mag. finished. That’s usually how these things work – isn’t it??

This Epson printer is a worry. I’ve had it about six months and already it has used one third of the black ink tank!  I don’t know just how long ink keeps for. When I bought the printer I also bought four extra ink bottles and they are still packed in  their box and still sitting beside the printer I hope they have a long shelf life. Other than that I  think this is the best purchase I have made  in recent times..  Given all that has happened recently I have not had the opportunity to get  out and wandering with Benji and  the camera. Nor have I attended  the Photography Group. I did submit four photographs for

So relaxing

the last  competition but there is no  feed back  yet.

Today is December 1 – the first day of Summer.  Mother Nature has been very kind to us – yesterday, 29, today 30, tomorrow, 33 and Sunday 36 and then Monday back to 25. Not a bad week at all. I decided that I was not going to spend  another summer screaming, shouting and tearing my hair out about the  millions of  leave that the two Eucalyptus Trees drop and cover everything with the slightest  wind, so I brought in  a Domestic Tree Company and had the trees removed.  Because of their position I also had  serious concerns with every high wind – and we’ve had a few of those recently. Ok so things look a bit on the bare side, but I’ll get used to that. However, with the trees gone it open up a new area, but it will need to be cleared and I’ll start that when I can. But the  point is that over the next few days I can clean up and sweep up the leaves  and know that I am not going to be doing the same thing every single day.  I wont be able to grow anything in that area for a good while. Even with the removal of the trees, the ground still remains toxic for some time and nothing will grow there.

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