Changes and Surprises

I did discover that there is a place beyond Port Augusta – a campsite that caters for dogs. It’s a place called Baroota.  Of course, I always knew that was there but only ever thought of it as a Garage and Petrol (Gas) Station. But it turns out that they have a camping ground and campervan area. The reason I never gave it a thought is that it is the area of the Mount Remarkable National Park and the Mambray Creek Campsite IS within the National Park. However, the owners of the land and the area have their own Campsite at the ruins of the Old Homestead and that is not within the National Park, so they allow – indeed their website welcomes – pets to their campsite. It’s worth thinking about when the weather is warmer and Annabell is well enough to allow me to go away (Two hour drive away) overnight with Benji.


The BenjiI wrote the above about a year ago and I find it  interesting how things have changed. Since then, the Government have bought over the land, closed down the camping and caravan site and incorporated the whole area within the confines of the Mount Remarkable National Park, so, taking Benji there is now out of the question.

Well, now, here is a turn-up. I just turned on the computer and lo and behold, my original site turned up. Have no idea what happened or how it happened but there you are – I think I am back. Well I hope I am and that it is not just a fluke that will vanish as soon as I close down. That could happen and it could be a way – considering the date – where the computer says –   ” April Fool” and it all  gets lost again.

April already.   March was an interesting month with this last week topping it all out. I think I have had more doctor and hospital visits this  last month than I have ever had in my life and next week we start again with the hospital on Monday afternoon.  Although presently it is only 07:40 and the day – and weekend – are yet young – something about not counting chickens’ springs to mind. I have to take Annabell to Adelaide and the Royal Adelaide Hospital for a special set of tests and  X-Rays that cannot be done here and I have no idea when that will be – soon I hope. The last thing I want to happen is a clash with the Flinders visit. And people wonder why I maintain an  A5 Filofax!  I was right!!~ — and as soon as I left the room to attend to Annabell, the laptop went into sleep mode. When I opened it again, the old page was gone and I cannot find it, so I guess it was “AprilJust Done Fool” after all  :o)  I am really giving thought to opening a completely new site in the Classic Style.

This last week has not been such a good week for Annabell and she is slowing down quite considerably. It is now something of a minor struggle to get from her room to where she wants to go. I guess that’s what I’m here for to provide the extra arm she might need.

just-stareBenji and I are back to walking again and we have had no encounters with any strange animals since last week. I would like to take him out for a drive but to go to the lighthouse or Douglas Point or the Shingle Ridge means several hours away from the house and I would be too concerned about how she is to enjoy the trip. I can’t keep asking young John to keep looking in on her – that’s my job.  On the subject of John Jnr. He let me  know this morning that someone in the work has just  let them know that he has tested positive to Covid. He Telephoned John last  night and John called me this morning, so I wont be seeing any of the family this weekend. But John will go for a RAT   during the day and let me know.

I have discovered that I am able to load photographs but only from the media page. I have difficulty going outside of the post to get photographs. Also, once loaded I have problems moving them to where I want.   There has to be a way so I will keep on trying.

You know,  I hate it when I’m waiting for someone to make dinner – then I realize that I’m  the “someone”.

Talk about ” The Best laid plans”  I was at the supermarket (on my own) when my phone (cell phone) rang. I answered it and  was talking to the Whyalla hospital. It seems that at her meeting,  Annabell had agreed to certain things – which she failed to tell me about – and as a result of that we have to be at the hospital at 11am tomorrow (Thursday 6th.) Seems she had agreed that she needed help with walking so it has been arranged that she will go for an assessment tomorrow and the result of that will be that she will be attending a course to, hopefully,  assist her for the next 6 weeks at 11am on a Tuesday.  We have been down this road before, and it came to a dead end. Perhaps this time will be different and there will be a positive outcome.

Now that  summer is over and the clocks have gone back, the weather people, just about every night, predict rain. How much rain have we had??  Well we had a few spots sometime last week and although the rain bands keep rolling over us in the  TV charts, nothing much has come of it.  Not that I am really complaining!! Yes it has been raining in Adelaide and rain is predicted for much of next week – in Adelaid,  and we are 300 miles north of Adelaide.


6 thoughts on “Changes and Surprises

  1. Well phooey on the vanishing WP view. I despise that Block editor and have staunchly stayed with the Classic editor. I’ve been told it won’t remain forever but for now, it’ll do. When it comes to adding photos, I still have to export images to the desktop and then drag them into my post. It’s relatively simple enough but still requires an extra step as my images are stored in HEIC format (a space saving format that WP doesn’t recognize-they only will take JPEG, PDF or PNG formats). But at least it doesn’t take days to finish a post like it would take if I used the stupid Block editor. There should be a hashtag (#stupidBlockeditor) so WP could figure out how much a fair number of users hate it.

    Good luck with Annabell’s visits and care. So sorry your son was exposed to COVID-similar thing happened with two of my closest friends. So aggravating when plans need to be scuttled in favor of quarantining.

    Weird about the National Park take over. I presume there is a fee that needs to be paid in order to visit. In the states we can obtain a yearly pass (or in my case, a lifetime pass a few years ago as a senior). Is there something like that down under?

    Stay well, hang in there and don’t forget about dinners. And please, please, give my favorite pup Down Under a nice belly rub after a good walk-about.. P.S. Should your old view ever show up, immediately do a backup in case it doesn’t last. Maybe then you could access it if it disappears again. I’d be so lost without Classic and WP’s made it more challenging to find. I’d rather not spend time being a detective and just a blogger.


    1. Yes, I saved the old page to favourites so I can access it anytime now. As far as I am Aware there are no charges for entering any area designated as “National Park”. To my knowledge, they are all free. One park in Adelaide installed Boom-Gates after a certain time of the day – not to charge or stop people from entering (there is a small gate that people can use) but the purpose was to stop hoons (Vandals) driving through the area at night doing burn-outs and leaving black unsightly rubber marks everywhere they could. Also driving on and damaging the grass areas.

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  2. Well, I wonder if you’ll ever see my comment? The last two times I commented, those comments just went “poof” and I had no way of retrieving and reposting them. Grrrrr

    I’m sorry to hear Annabell is having such a difficult time! Give her a few hugs for me and tell her I’m sending healing energy and prayers her way. I’m also sorry about your son. Hope he tests negative very soon!!

    It’s odd that you (and Monika) have had such trouble with the block editor. I’ve been using it almost from the beginning of its “debut” and haven’t had any problems. Maybe I’m just lucky? Or charmed by my own personal leprechaun, Mr. Zen. HeHe :-)

    Give your sweet Benji lots of kisses for me! Hope one day soon you’ll be able to take him for a nice “road trip”!!


    1. Love your comment – thank you. Yes your Mr. Zen must be looking after you. I do not like Blocks. Would love to take Benji on a road trip but it would mean leaving Annabell alone for a good while and I just wouldn’t relax – and NO, she would not be able to come with us. Difficult enough when we have to drive the 300 miles to Adelaide.


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