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I am not entirely certain, but I think I may have found the secret to life – well the life of this page anyway. and I seem to be able to insert  photographs without too much trouble. I think I may have found the link to my real site. I am adding this page to favourites so I hope that I can access it again if I have to leave the room and the laptop closes down..

Native Australian Bush

I don’t want to take the chance of  this page vanishing so I  don’t want to go outside of the page to see what I have posted – which is a way of saying that if I have already told you this information, I am sorry. I am concerned about touching anything in case it all vanishes again.

We  had  documents from the Hospital, which outlined Annabell’s recent medical history and provided the information for the dates  for the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Flinders Medical Centre and they have  done a very good job of managing the two visits, although it does mean that we will be in  Adelaide for most of a week in May. I will book us into the  Cancer Council Greenhill Lodge for the time. I am pleased about the arrangements since I was not very keen in having to make two trips to Adelaide within a short space of time. I also notice in the documents that we have a “Free Day” between the two hospitals, which I am very pleased about. I want a new mobile (Cell) phone and I had considered getting one on line, however, I can hang out for another few weeks and wait until we are in Adelaide. The  place I will buy the phone from is the place – or at least the business – that I would have bought from on line. I am not an Apple person and have stayed (mostly) with Samsung. However, Samsung phones are  just getting too expensive with all the bells and whistles – that I neither want nor need.  I am not all that happy with the Samsung I presently have. I charged it last night and  it’s only  10am and it’s down to 38%  I have been looking back at “yesterday” and  considering a Nokia.

Annabell, according to the medical documents, has been listed as a New Epilepsy Diagnosis and I am not trying to be flippant  by suggesting that it’s just another thing to add to the list and we will deal with it as we do for everything else. It’s also interesting that Monika already suggested that this was the case when she first read  the post – so there you are Monika  you were right on the ball!!

Not sure when I took this photograph at Ada Ryan Gardens

Annabell herself, is not too bad. She tires easily and she does sleep a lot so the free days will be good for her recovery, particularly after Flinders. When we started all of this the trips to and from Adelaide were good and we had some interesting chats, which helped to pass the time.  Sadly that doesn’t happen, and she sleeps for most of the journey. We hardly clear Gepps Cross before she is sleeping – and all the way to Port Wakefield. Sometimes I can be pretty mean. She wakes up a little and asks where we are and I tell her ” Just outside Port Augusta” when we are  really outside Whyalla.  Then I wake her up ten minutes later and tell her we are nearly home and I get a response ” Oh, that was quick” I know, I know, I’m just rotten…

If I can keep this page alive I  will have some better photograph and not just revamped ones from other posts. I just was concerned that I would  have problems if I tried to be clever.

4 thoughts on “Phones, Hospitals and Classic

  1. Bravo for having success with the Block editor and finding your old site. Well done. Your patience and persistence are admirable.

    One of the biggest complaints about cell phones is the lack of battery life. It’s common across the various brands. It’s maddening as is getting all the devices to sync together. There’s only 24 hours a day and I sure don’t need/want to spend half of it making the devices play nice amongst one another.

    Best wishes for a smooth and fruitful trip to Adelaide. My best thoughts will be with you and Annabell.


  2. Took a while but we got there in the end (I hope)
    What I loved about the earlier phones – before telcos got too big – is that the battery as changeable. If the battery was playing up, there was a battery shop in Adelaide that one could go to and buy a replacement battery for your phone. Not so today- blooming things are sealed.


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