Always a Danger!!

Monday was a public holiday, Tuesday and Wednesday were both hospital days. Tuesday was physiotherapy (Annabell, not me)  and Wednesday was to discuss the things we would like done to the house to make life easier for her – i.e. a ramp rather than a front step– however,  that was cancelled and we were not informed, so we ended up at the hospital for no reason. We just came back home via the doctor’s clinic to make an appointment for her.

She still gets very tired and sleeps a lot. When we came back from the hospital on Tuesday morning, she sat in her recliner and fell asleep. I covered her with a blanket and left her sleeping until  almost 5:30. Interesting that the doctor who runs the physiotherapy program is called Annabelle. Up until Wednesday the weather has been pretty good but then we had several rain storms and more are predicted for the remainder of this week. First real rain we have had for a while. I have still managed to get out with Benji in the morning and we still complete our 2 mile walk. A Cyclone, Category 4 is predicted for the top end of Western Australia. It wont cause any damage here but we should get some of the rain bands passing on through the state

Local Flowers.
Local Flowers

The thing about this area – and I think I might have mentioned this before –  that  the land is reclaimed land from the Australian Bush, not all that good in growing things  -with the exception of weeds – really great in growing weeds. Many people who had houses built in this area really did  the necessary thing – like grow flowers and such like. That includes me. The soil is not so good and the cost of water is expensive. My last water bill was $178.03. Most houses here have removed lawns and replaced them with  garden stones and even then – the weeds still get through. It’s getting harder to walk Benji in the area because of the weeds,

Cheeky…  Still my favourite!!

turning him into a three feet dog. For those who don’t understand – means he stops every three feet to have a sniff and a pee,  and it’s not just a quick sniff either- every leaf, every blade, every stem.

Lego Peacock

I have been following the series “Lego Masters” on TV recently.  It’s all very well to build a Lego kit from a commercial box following the plans but this is free-hand with no plans and no pre-set designs – all from the imagination of the builder- and to a set period of time. Really interesting because I don’t have that kind of creative mind. Andrew (But not John) is  a Lego fan. I mean, we all  played with Lego when the boys were young, but then other interests happened, and the Lego was  pushed to one side. Andrew and Connor are interested in Star Wars, so already they have much Sci.Fi Lego. Andrew has a room set aside for Lego – his things on the top shelve, the things by Connor on lower levels.

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  1. how bad that you were there in vain… all the best to you and annabell for the next appointment… we still love lego, but we never did something complicated like this peacock or starwars or anything LOL


  2. Yes there is two here that I know of and also one at Flinders and there is also an Emily at Flinders – which was Annabell’s mum’s name.


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