Port Augusta the Botanic Garden and Hospital

Sturt Desert Pea

The rain lasted all of last night and into the morning  but it had stopped in time for me to take Benji out for our walk. Annabell was fairly well today so I went through to Port Augusta. My son (John) called me during the week and asked  if I would take him to Port Augusta.  Of course I made sure that Annabell was ok with that since I would be away for several hours. Fortunately  John was able to do what he wanted fairly quickly so we decided to  go for coffee at the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens. It was good to see that the  place was really quite busy.  We left home about 8: 45 am and I was back home by 11:50, so it wasn’t too bad. I made her lunch everything was fine. I would liked to have taken Benji with us but that would have meant no Arid Lands because like all other parks and conservation areas in South Australia – dogs are banned

Fairly quiet afternoon and I did some work outside but mostly I stayed around making sure that she

The Lower Flinders Ranges through the rain mist

was ok.   She slept for a bit and I got on with getting things ready for dinner and it was well after dinner when the nurse came to give Annabell the injections.  Actually it was after 7 pm. Same time again tomorrow then back to afternoon visits for the last three injections. We were going to suggest to John that he not come for dinner on Sunday, but since the nurse won’t be here until about 7pm (ish) we decided that it would be ok. I may  cook a little bit earlier than usual.

They tried and the flowers are nice

As it happened John was here, we had dinner, sat and chatted for a bit, cleared up and he was away before the nurse arrived at 8 pm. We only had the overnight rain and some rain in the morning and that was it. The forecast for the next few days is  low 20c and overcast. Still a bit cold in the mornings, but dry, which means a fairly good walk. I have changed the route a little bit but still keeping the same 2 miles distance.

Today the nurse arrived fairly early, and I spoke to her about the arrangements for tomorrow and Annabell’s hospital appointment.  The nurse was greatly amused because she was going to ask us to have the injection done at the hospital tomorrow because of the shortage of nursing staff, so we both wanted the same thing – the injection at the hospital.  Wednesday, is the last injection, so that should be ok to be done here at home. However, what it meant is we were at the hospital for the injection and then up to the first floor for the physiotherapy class. In all, we would be over two hours at the hospital.

The Session Clerk called me today and was quite upset because  she was about to do something that she had put off doing for as long as she could, which was to request of me that I return the Church Keys and anything else I had that belonged to the church. I suggested rather than do that I would  open the church after the hospital tomorrow and place the keys on the table beside the organ along with anything else that I have that may belong to the church. That will save her the unpleasant task of coming to the house to ask for them. I  felt it was the least I could do. It’s also sad for me because as long as I had the keys I felt still connected, in a small way, to the church. That feeling will end tomorrow afternoon and perhaps that’s a good thing.

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  1. Sorry I pressed the wrong button :o) Unfortunate about the keys but I would not have used them anyway, so perhaps it’s for the best..


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