Medication, Camera and Wild Dog Hill.

The nurse arrived at 09:20 yesterday morning. I had a talk to her and we decided that since Annabell

nurse with an injection needle

was still asleep, we would leave her sleeping and nurse would come back later – around 12:30 This she did and the last injection was administered. Once that was done the  Port was removed and the area cleaned up and bandaged. Doctor this afternoon to follow up and that “should” be us.  Yes, well,  I’ve said that before!

She is still sleeping but I will give her another half hour then I will waken her. I will leave her for ten minutes then give her the traditional Glasgow morning call  “yupyet?” which should – if all is well – be answered in the correct manner “mup”.  Now that the call has been made and the correct answer given, I can safely divest myself of all the communication equipment that I carry around with me each morning. If I stay here at the computer ,or sit and read then it’s not a problem, but if I decide to go outside to do some work, I have the house phone in one pocket, my  mobile phone in  a breast pocket and the  doorbell in another pocket all so that I can attend to things and answer them as necessary without Annabell being disturbed. Doesn’t always work, but the thought is good  :o)

Lone Swan  (Sad, really)

I ordered a new telephoto lens for my Nikon. I have ordered  things on line from Adelaide and sometimes it’s the best part of a week before they  acknowledge the order and another week (or more) before it arrives.  The lens I ordered is coming from Sydney NSW.. I ordered it Monday and on Tuesday morning I get an email telling me that it has been, posted, all the information about tracking, and thank you for the order. Adelaide to Whyalla – 300miles / Sydney to Whyalla 1000 miles. I have been thinking about a Nikon Z Camera but right at the moment I have more important things that need attention other than a new camera for me.  So, I will have to be content with my two Nikons for the present.

There it is – Wild Dog Hill

Did the follow-up as requested and  we are on antibiotics for a week.  Another tablet – great. Must make sure I don’t shake her or she will rattle. But, joking aside, I hope this will clear things up for her. Today was not her best of days and we have those kinds of days from time to time,  –  it calls for a touch of TLC and then get moving again.

My car with Wild Dog Hill in the background.

The photography group are doing a “wander” in the outback this coming Saturday. I said I would try to get with them, but as usual it depends on how Annabell is. I may go but only for a limited time, which is better than not going at all and besides, my camera is not really getting a lot of use these days.

Well, as you can see by the photographs, we went to Wild Dog Hill and had a picnic.  It was a good afternoon out, although I would have preferred to have Benji with me. Yes, I climbed the hill – I should not have done that – not with the knee I have, so it was painful, but I considered the pain worth the view. Actually, the   journey back down was more painful than the going up. Still, that’s it done. If all is well I should be  able to attend the next meeting but the meeting after I will be in Adelaide with Annabell.

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