Back to ground level.

View from Wild Dog Hill.

The  few hours I spent out at Wild Dog Hill with the group was really very interesting. Some of the more “senior” members have very high-quality cameras and some of the long-distance close-up photographs of the native birds were really very good. These are the ones that generally get posted on-line. Still I don’t do too badly with my D7000 Nikon. I have achieved a number of “6” in points  from the Adelaide Judges and once I even managed to get a “7”  :o) So, I am quite happy.  Given the domestic situation, I do not get out with my camera as much as I would like. If Annabell is not too bad and I can leave her for a little while, I will take Benji to the Wetlands /Ada Ryan Gardens and the Foreshore and if Annabell is really having a good day I might, from time to time, get out to the lighthouse or even  Douglas Point and the Shingle Ridge. I remember, once upon a time, when I used to go there quite regularly!   Benji is well enough although I came to the conclusion that a two mile hike is starting to get a bit much for him – he is almost 11. The last couple of days I have used a combination of the stroller and walking. I put him in the stroller and we set out on our walk. The last stage of the walk takes us past our house, so instead of going on I cross over and into the driveway, get him out of the stroller and into his harness and we complete the last part of the route walking together, and he’s quite happy with that. He’s still eating well. He likes one brand of Dog Biscuits and I couldn’t get that brand anywhere in the Shopping Centre, so I spent ages wandering around town until I finally got the brand that he likes — I Know – spot the loony!

Looking down from the W.D. Hill

Alas, it could be that Wild Dog Hill is the last outing for a while. The nurse finished the injections on Annabell on  Tuesday afternoon last week and we began the antibiotic  medication  on the Wednesday. Everything  seemed to be going well and the swelling was going down. However late yesterday (Sunday) afternoon I noticed that the swelling rather than going down, was starting to build up again, so, it looks like another trip to the doctor and then, possibly, the hospital.  You know the odd thing was that we sat talking yesterday and I looked at my diary for this coming week and it contained only two entries the ANZAC Dawn Service on Tuesday and a Funeral on Friday afternoon.

Memorial Gates

I attended the Dawn Service at the Memorial Gates this morning. There was a fairly large turnout, but I didn’t see anyone I knew – but then, I wasn’t looking. The Mayor gave an address as did a Lt. Commander from the Royal Australian Navy. The Prayers were offered by someone called “Pastor Josh” and I have not the faintest idea where he comes from. I’d never heard of him before.  I had thought of going back up later in the morning with the camera and take photographs of the March, but then it would mean leaving Annabell on her own not knowing where I was since she was still sleeping.  Given the fact that she is on anti-seizure medication it should be ok to leave her for short periods, but being the overly anxious person that I am, I’d rather not do that.

Once she is awake and up, I will take the Benji over to Westlands and give him a bath.  The “Pet’s Dominion” store has an area for Self- bathing the dog. It’s a good area and only costs $10, which is

The Boy in the jacket his Mum made for him.

next to nothing, really. What I like about it is the fact that it uses warm water whereas the  bath at the vet uses cold water. Talking about Vets, I’ll book an appointment for him later on this week. Nothing wrong – just for a quick check-up.


6 thoughts on “Back to ground level.

  1. Sorry to learn Annabell turn a turn; hope it gets resolved quickly. Glad to hear that Benji is in good shape and you’re doing all you can to keep him happy and enjoying special treats. I often wonder if other pet parents go through lots of accommodation for their beloved pets, and now I know I’m not the only one doing their level best to bring them happiness. Good for you (and for Benji)!


    1. Thank you. We are managing to keep floating, The combination of stroller and walk seems to be working well and he is happy enough. He went kind of gaga after his bath – running around the house like a crazy thing – happy but crazy o) I am going back to the shop and will get a second bag of his biscuits to keep aside.

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    1. Thank you. The bath was good and he was quite happy – until I got him home then he went silly, crazy, running around the house like a mad thing. If he can feel that good after a bath, I must take him more often :o)


  2. Thinking of you, Annabell, and Benji and sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts! And you’re no more “loony” than the rest of us here who go out of our way and to great lengths to find the perfect treats/toys/whatever for our beloved furry family members. ❤️


    1. Thank you. I decided to go back and buy a second bag so that I have it on hand – just in case!!! Well, I think he’s worth the effort on my part. Annabell is not so great but we manage and we figure there are people worse off than we are and besides, we still have each other


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