Associates, Hospitals and Shopping Centres

I was in a hurry so I took the coach!

I forgot and I downloaded mail on another computer which means that I cannot access it  here. I know,”what’s this got to do with anything?” well, one of the things I downloaded was a post called “Tribute to Twitch” , one of the saddest posts about a dog I have read in a long time. She looked such a lovely Lady, with big sad eyes, who would have been loved and cared for if her “new Mum” and friends had gotten her out of Afghanistan in time. Sadly this didn’t happen and I think the sad thing is not knowing when she died, where she died or even how she died. My very first dog, when we came to Australia, was  a “Bitsa” but she was the most adorable dog we ever had. She was “Scruffy” and  did she live up to her name. We would bath her, clip her and she would look neat and tidy – for all of seven seconds until she shook herself and the hair just went everywhere again.  She was actually part Australian Silky Terrier ;  she was loved by everyone and she had such a calm , placid nature . Even now when I picture her in my head, I still miss her – after  nearly twenty years, I still miss her.

It has been confirmed that at the end of the month I will simply stay in Adelaide and not come home one day only to have to go back down the next day and back home the day after – 1318 kilometres. Now it seems this is presenting problems in that we have just had word that Herself is required to be at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) for x-rays and tests at the Trauma Clinic – 4 years review- on the 28th May – right in the middle of the Assembly.  However, we telephoned them right away and managed to get the x-rays and tests  re-scheduled to first week in August. Whenever we go it will require an overnight stay because she has to have one x-ray in the morning and based on the results of that, the blood tests in the afternoon. About a week before we are due to go down I’ll organise to have a wheelchair.  No, she does not need a wheelchair generally, but spending a day wandering around the rabbit warren that is the Royal Adelaide Hospital, is just too much for her. When we have gone down there I have in the past taken a wheelchair because trying to get one at the RAH is next to impossible. When we do go, one of the boys will come over and stay the night and look after the dogs. The good thing about having the wheelchair is that she has no excuse about going into the Shopping Mall   :o)  A sort of “Captive Audience” in a manner of speaking..

In Sickness and in Health.

I finally manage to get three Standard Roses and over the next day or so I will get them planted. I say this because the weather, whilst still not great, has picked up a little and we seem to be having less rain. I have bot been working because I have been ill.  I managed to stay clear of colds and flu for a couple of years, but it caught up with me and I have had the runny eyes and nose as well as the cough. It has been going round the town at the moment and I guess it was really only a question of time before it knocked at my door.  I have not been the best and have generally felt sorry for myself.   However, I have done the  “right thing” and stayed away from other people whilst I have been at my sickest. I have also tried to keep well away from “herself” so she doesn’t get infected.

It’s not a particularly bad flu it just seems to be a particularly long lasting one – which is annoying. However it has been a quiet week at work, or so I am told, so I probably would not have been needed anyway, but all going well, I should be well enough to say that I am available again if required.

I bought three standard roses and I have yet to get them planted. However, I thought it best to get them whilst they were available. I would like to get them in over this weekend, if possible. If not, then certainly during the week on a day that I am not working.  The dogs have spent a lot of time indoors because of the cold and the rain. It is starting to clear a little and although we still have a fair amount of rain, it’s not the record breaking falls that we had a month or so ago.

Since I stared this post there have been a number of developments. I was quite sick for a while but I am now on the road to recovery.  My blood tests were not as good as they should have been but that is now improving. By the start of next week I should be able to call in and say that I am available again – at least I hope that’s what happens. My computer room looks like a tip and I have just taken things out and never put them away. I have heard a rumour that there is a desk around here, somewhere  :o) I was trying to do Filofax inserts using 5 paper and they didn’t turn out as I had hoped, but I’ll work on it.