The Big Wet.

Some localised flooding.

I said recently that South Australia has developed as a metro-centric State and this has just been proved, yet again. The Magistrate Court and the District Court in the north (here) are to be closed down and all cases will now be heard in Adelaide. This means that witnesses, lawbreakers, police and, if it’s a trial by Jury, the jury members, if they are selected from here will have to move to Adelaide to attend court.. The law courts are up in arms because this move will  make the already backed up system even more backed up. Of course, having said that I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for an out of touch justice system in the first pace. This move will serve to make it even more remote and out of touch with the community it purports to serve.  There is also to be  1000 people cut from the District Nursing Service – a service where the nurse goes out to outlying areas to attends to the needs of the sick in their homes – follow up after surgery, birth, etc.  The  present Socialist  government is up to its collective eyes in debt, just like their pals in the Federal Government in Canberra. They – the Feds. took over government that had a surplus of 90 Billion and in a few short years have  managed to turn it into a debt of 310 billion. Spain, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Greece and Portugal have nothing to teach us.   I am always mindful of the words of the Late Margaret Thatcher ” The  trouble with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”. Anyway, there are people much more qualified to comment on politics than me, so that’s it. But I have to say that The Man is concerned since the cost of dog food has risen.

Bit muddy, I think

Ok, at the risk of really cheesing someone off – it’s raining again. I say this because we have been informed that the highest june rainfall since records for this area started  (1901) was 74mm and for the first time in a century we have well exceeded that total. Heck it’s like being back in Scotland – cold, wet and miserable. This is not South Australia. Generally our winters are cold with the odd shower or three – but this has the  experts baffled because normal rainfall for a winter month in this area  is about 20mm.  All we need now is a really high wind and  we will have these gum trees falling down everywhere again. As it is, no personal damage, just water over the roads and medium strips along the centre of the road, and out here – mud.

Walking, Food and a Million Paws

The Maltese Terrorist
The Maltese Terrorist

Saturday, 6;30 am and took the dogs walking. Heck it was cold. Glad I put on a jacket because had I not done so I would have had to come back inside for one. I was also wearing gloves. Last night I took the dogs out and had a heavy jacket, but it looked nice this morning and I didn’t realise how cold it was. I think winter is on its way. Time to get the fires out of the garage and dust them off, I think. – Actually winter (officially) is only ten days away.

Well, we’ve had no more visitors – which is good. I have also been  conscious of the debate regarding soft dog food. I realise there is a vast difference between being responsible for two dogs and being responsible for 12 ( or even (sigh) 13) dogs and I can’t for the life of me begin to imagine what the feeding bill amounts to. However, our “soft” dog food ( the dog food I use)  is in the form of a  roll – the name of the product being Prota Dog,  Dog food. I cut sections of this and then cut it up – the size of the final cut depending whether it’s for Chienna or Mannie. The point is I can very clearly see what I am cutting and  I’m fairly happy and the dogs are well and healthy – and my vet is happy with them.  This is not what you would call premium dog food – we do have “Premium” food which is very expensive, but as I said, my dogs are happy and healthy. I am not sure what “Kibble” is. I suppose I could Google it but I  think it’s simply what we call “Dog Biscuits”  – dry food.  I put a measured cup of the  biscuits into a bowl and leave it beside their water dish. They eat  this at their leisure – if they feel the need for a nibble, they will eat some biscuits. I also ensure they they have plenty of water.  Sometimes  the man is a “bit tired” so I will be a woose , sit down and hand feed him – put bits of the food in my hand and et him eat from there. Feeding my dogs  ( and I repeat they are fit, well and healthy) costs me about $45 a month, which I know some people spend every couple of days. That’s for the soft food roll and the dog biscuits. The rolls are 3 kilo  each.

This week is  the “Million Paws Walk” an annual fundraising event organised by the RSPCA.  A lot of dog clubs organise local A Foxy Ladyevents under the banner of the RSPCA and raise funds that then go to the overall  Australian total. It’s not a “Fee Entry” but rather a personal donation – you give what you feel you can afford and that might only be a dollar or two – with some children giving their pocket money.  I would like to take my two but it’s on a Sunday and I am pretty much tied up on a Sunday.  However, I made a donation.  And I have just been notified that my friends club in Adelaide raised $564.