Could we start again, please?

At the start of the week we were breaking records for heat, and sending out bushfire warnings  by Thursday we were breaking new records – for rain. Talk about a weird week. It’s Saturday 8am and we have just had yet another downpour. At least there is one consolation and that is that both of my rainwater tanks are overflowing. The major highway, west of here, was closed down and drivers were diverted  to the longer and more isolated highway to the north.They were also advised to fill up because there would be no fuel for at least 200klm.  Some localised street flooding here but nothing much to speak of – no homes were in any danger. Adelaide floods because Adelaide is on an ancient flood plain and there is the runoff from the Adelaide Hills. There a few dips in the roads here and we do get a bit of water at these places, but nothing  comes near any of the houses – not like Adelaide.

Some years ago (2005) I took a party of teenagers to the National Capital of Canberra. It was amazing since very few of them had ever been out of the State – actually, some of them had never been out of the Eyre Peninsula. One of the stops we made was at the South Australia/Victoria Border and irrespective of the time ( day or night) stop was made for photographs with the border post  – Welcome to Victoria – very much in the  photograph. We went by coach, which had two drivers, was fully air conditioned, had a television and a DVD player. Nineteen hours on the coach was ok – frequent stops for comfort and food (yes there were facilities on the coach), watching movies, reading and just chatting or listening to music.

We had a bad year last year and the start of this new year has not been too bad. This is not to say that everything that bothered us last year has gone – it has not, but we are learning to cope with it and move on. Herself contracted MRSA some years   (5) ago and we are still living with the aftermath of that. In order to eliminate the infection drugs were pumped into her through a picc line but although they seemed to control then eliminate the  Staph infection, they compromised her liver and kidney functions. She spent over three months in hospitals, mainly the Royal Adelaide, which meant me traveling back and forth  and staying in Adelaide for days at a time. When she came home, we still had to travel back to the RAH for check-ups – we still do but not as often. A few years ago she became quite anemic and it was discovered she was losing blood. She was taken into hospital and given blood transfusions.  It was thought that this would solve the problem – and it did – for a while. Now we are back to square one again, she is losing blood, is anemic, very tired and the doctors are not sure what to do since the blood transfusion  should have solved the problem.  However, 2014 is better in that I have things better organised than I did last year. I can organise and to some extent control the visits to the doctor, to fit around a timetable – the specialists are very different. Being in the country we have no specialists here – they all have to come up from Adelaide and these times I cannot adjust. We have to attend these at the time and date specified. Today I have managed to get the doctor at 4pm – next Monday a Specialist at 11am. I was due to attend a meeting in Adelaide but we have a hospital visit  on that day so it will be an apology But we are fine and everything is good.  I am fit and healthy, except when I do silly things, like go up and down ladders at home all day wearing only sandals and cause some damage to my foot, but otherwise, fit and healthy. The Man is still pottering around, slowly and slightly unsteady. He seems to cope with falling down a bit,  and it seems to distress me more than it does him. I think the time for the wheels is just about upon us.

Shadehouse Completed

Once I completed the rebuilding of the shade house I started to put plants in. Unfortunately after this I had to go to the State Capitol (Adelaide) for a few days and since the temperature was 40c+ and my good lady didn’t water the plants in the shade house (she watered everything else) I lost several of the plants. I thought I was lucky because for a couple of days I thought I was going to lose them all but I lost two Violets and a Fuchsia. Everything else survived. I was not too unhappy because it showed me what  I can and cannot do and what plants I need to  use to get some reasonable results. I now have pot plants of Geraniums and in ground I have lilies and Begonia. I also made a small herb garden and have Lettuce, Parsley, Mint, Basil, Oregano, a Capisum plant and a Chili Plant. These seem to be doing fairly well. Still it’s early days for them, so I will reserve judgement for the moment.

My next project is on hold until such time as I go back to Adelaide again and get the Artificial Grass that I want. Once I have that safely in the garage I will start to remodel the washing line area so that the surface is not uneven for herself to walk on. She has an even area but it is too far away from the laundry. I want to bring it closer to the  house for her so there is less distance for her to go and she will have a new even surface to walk on. She was not in the best of health  to begin with and being flown to Adelaide for three months of treatment for Golden Staph, didn’t help.