Annabell, Funerals and Monday again


If being away this time was full of frustrations being at home this week has been full of concern and anxiety. Annabell  is ill and on Monday I booked her into the doctor. He saw her, examined her and decided that she needed to go to hospital to have an infection attended to. She could barely walk. The infection is on both legs.. I got her up to hospital,  she went into A & E and I called the boys. Andrew drove down to the hospital. John was away but he called me  after a bit to find out how things were with his mum. The consulting doctor was a  Gentleman from the Sub-Continent and at times difficult to understand but he ordered a whole bank of tests so we were there for much of the night, but he would not admit her, gave her  a prescription for an anti-biotic and we were sent home. The late night chemist was still open so I was able to get her medication. I also stopped off for a take-away for dinner – a late dinner but we were both hungry. Tuesday I telephoned some people and said that Annabell not would be at the coffee evening or morning for this week.  After left to go to the Conference, the Session Clerk  called me to let me know that one of our parishioners had died so when I came back I not only had to look after Annabell, I  had a funeral Order of Service to organise. I have also been taking care of the housework and the cooking as well as everything else. But all is well and I  can manage. The funeral is today, not the best Order of Service I have done, but time was a factor – or rather, the lack of it.  Still,  by this afternoon things should start to settle down into routine. I will book Annabell into the doctor on Friday for a follow up and let him know what happened at the hospital. I will do that when I get back from the funeral. Annabell will not be going out. For the  time being I wont be doing much outside of the house, other than shopping,  until Annabell is well again. Benji is fine and he and I  go out for our walks in the evening. However, at the moment I make sure that Annabell is settled before we go out – and I take the phone with me and make sure the house phone is close to hand for her.

I did mean to say that the other week when  the ambulance arrived and she was taken to hospital, one of the neighbours came over and asked if there was anything she could do – which I thought was very kind of her. I have had  several telephone calls to ask how she is so that’s been nice. As it turned out I was able to book her into see Doctor this afternoon, so that’s good and at least will allow her a good rest starting tonight. The funeral went well, despite a few problems but everything worked out in the end.  Raymond had been a Lodge member, and  a dozen of his lodge brethren said prayers outside the church before the casket was put into the hearse. They then formed a  Guard of Honour at the church gates as we led the hearse and following party out into the street. It was quite interesting. Took Annabell to the doctor this afternoon and he was concerned that the hospital had not contacted him to inform him of her treatment, but was pleased with regards to the tests that were undertaken as well as the  EKG – which will happen in a few weeks.  He has put her on a course of antibiotics – flucloxacillin – and will see her again on Tuesday.

Poor Thing :o)

Well, there you be – it’s Monday again. On Saturday we had a double function at the church. I attended the first, which was  a lunch, but the second I did not and came home to see to Annabell. Once I was sure she was ok, I took Benji for a run out to the Wetlands. Sunday I left her sleeping and went to church. Normally we have coffee and cookies in the Hall after the service, however, I made my apologies and  after the service, I went over to the shop for bread and went home.  It was just the boys on Sunday evening,  so dinner was fine. The boys and I did the washing and tidy up afterwards. John’s car is in for repair, so although Andrew brought him over, I took him shopping and then home. So that’s ended our week and here we are at Monday again. Should be a quiet day and tomorrow we are back to the Doctor. It’s all go!!



Meetings and Sciatic Nerves

This I understand.

One of the positive things that came from the weekend meeting was a proposed alteration of the meeting dates. Currently we meet on a Saturday morning at 9:30am and these meetings have been knows to go on to 3pm – a long, tiring day then a long drive home. The proposal is that we meet at 4:30 on a Friday and  put a time limit of 9:30. This would work for me in that I would leave the meeting, go to the hotel, sleep, breakfast and  a refreshed drive home. I expressed concern when the matter was raised because we tried this some years ago and we were still at it at Midnight, but there will be a time limit that will ensure that this does not happen and anything that is still undiscussed at 9:30 will be held over until the following month. If it works, it will be a great improvement. There was also a serious complaint from our Colleagues from Sydney about the short notification of the change of meeting. One day later than it was and we would have been up for cancelled hotel bills and air flights –  there should be no reason to change a meeting date.

The place is still a bit of a mess and the wind is still with us. Nowhere near what is was at the start of the week but enough to make sweeping up a waste of time. However the high winds moved down to Adelaide and it was reported last night that a Jetstar Liner was forced to abort landing at almost the last moment because of high cross winds at Adelaide Airport.

With apologies to Walt Disney
With apologies to Walt Disney

Statistically speaking, six out of seven dwarfs are not happy. I am not happy and very disappointed to discover that I am not invincible. This is quite a shock to the system. Apparently all the dragging, pulling, cutting,  loading trailers and unloading trailers, then jumping in the car and driving 400 k to Adelaide and 400 k back,  has inflamed the sciatic nerve, which is quite painful. I am laid up for a few days, which does not please me as there is a lot of work to do. However, I dare say it will still be there in a few days time, which I am informed I might be up and about again, provided I behave myself over the next few days. Well, of course I will. Why do you even doubt it?