Annabell, Funerals and Monday again


If being away this time was full of frustrations being at home this week has been full of concern and anxiety. Annabell  is ill and on Monday I booked her into the doctor. He saw her, examined her and decided that she needed to go to hospital to have an infection attended to. She could barely walk. The infection is on both legs.. I got her up to hospital,  she went into A & E and I called the boys. Andrew drove down to the hospital. John was away but he called me  after a bit to find out how things were with his mum. The consulting doctor was a  Gentleman from the Sub-Continent and at times difficult to understand but he ordered a whole bank of tests so we were there for much of the night, but he would not admit her, gave her  a prescription for an anti-biotic and we were sent home. The late night chemist was still open so I was able to get her medication. I also stopped off for a take-away for dinner – a late dinner but we were both hungry. Tuesday I telephoned some people and said that Annabell not would be at the coffee evening or morning for this week.  After left to go to the Conference, the Session Clerk  called me to let me know that one of our parishioners had died so when I came back I not only had to look after Annabell, I  had a funeral Order of Service to organise. I have also been taking care of the housework and the cooking as well as everything else. But all is well and I  can manage. The funeral is today, not the best Order of Service I have done, but time was a factor – or rather, the lack of it.  Still,  by this afternoon things should start to settle down into routine. I will book Annabell into the doctor on Friday for a follow up and let him know what happened at the hospital. I will do that when I get back from the funeral. Annabell will not be going out. For the  time being I wont be doing much outside of the house, other than shopping,  until Annabell is well again. Benji is fine and he and I  go out for our walks in the evening. However, at the moment I make sure that Annabell is settled before we go out – and I take the phone with me and make sure the house phone is close to hand for her.

I did mean to say that the other week when  the ambulance arrived and she was taken to hospital, one of the neighbours came over and asked if there was anything she could do – which I thought was very kind of her. I have had  several telephone calls to ask how she is so that’s been nice. As it turned out I was able to book her into see Doctor this afternoon, so that’s good and at least will allow her a good rest starting tonight. The funeral went well, despite a few problems but everything worked out in the end.  Raymond had been a Lodge member, and  a dozen of his lodge brethren said prayers outside the church before the casket was put into the hearse. They then formed a  Guard of Honour at the church gates as we led the hearse and following party out into the street. It was quite interesting. Took Annabell to the doctor this afternoon and he was concerned that the hospital had not contacted him to inform him of her treatment, but was pleased with regards to the tests that were undertaken as well as the  EKG – which will happen in a few weeks.  He has put her on a course of antibiotics – flucloxacillin – and will see her again on Tuesday.

Poor Thing :o)

Well, there you be – it’s Monday again. On Saturday we had a double function at the church. I attended the first, which was  a lunch, but the second I did not and came home to see to Annabell. Once I was sure she was ok, I took Benji for a run out to the Wetlands. Sunday I left her sleeping and went to church. Normally we have coffee and cookies in the Hall after the service, however, I made my apologies and  after the service, I went over to the shop for bread and went home.  It was just the boys on Sunday evening,  so dinner was fine. The boys and I did the washing and tidy up afterwards. John’s car is in for repair, so although Andrew brought him over, I took him shopping and then home. So that’s ended our week and here we are at Monday again. Should be a quiet day and tomorrow we are back to the Doctor. It’s all go!!



The Man, me and sleepy-time.

The first  “real” fire of the season and it claimed a life. A major fire burning north of Port Wakefield was  brought under control but at the cost of a life. Is not a good start to the fire season and despite the odd rain, if has been very dry, so it’s not looking all that good. I  almost had the best sleep in weeks – almost. He finally settled down just after midnight and I went to bed. I went to sleep and was sound asleep when he decided to start yelping at 6:33 and woke me up.” I could have been a contender – I could have been somebody”- I could have slept until at least 7:15. But no! Duty, in the shape of the Man, called at precisely 6:33am.

Here, in the North, we may not experience the problems that  the south has – we don’t have floods and we don’t have serious gale force winds all that often, but we do have major fluctuation in temperature more rapidly here than in the  South of the State. A few days ago it was 34c but up here the temperature can drop as much as  12-15c overnight, which means that you go to bed with a light sheet covering and wake up in the wee small hours just about freezing and scrabbling frantically for quilts or blankets. No – it does not happen the opposite way. Temperature rises are gradual – it can drop from 39c – 24c overnight but it wont rise from 26c – 39c overnight – if that makes sense!! At the height of summer the temperature rises to 42+c and can stay there for days at a time- then the major problem for fire-fighters is a  wind blowing in off the desert and swinging back and forth in different directions. Arizona would know all about fighting fire and changing wind direJohn's Posterction. However, I also have to say that there is nothing in this area that even remotely resembles a  forest – or even a large area of trees and the closest I have ever come to a forest fire was when I drove back from Adelaide last year. In Scotland the North wind came screaming in off the Ice-Cap bring cold, ice and snow. Here the North wind is a hot wind blowing in off the desert.

The Man is not having a good day. I fed him his treat and medication this morning ( at 6:33) but he’s crying as if he was in some pain. I understand that he is a bit scared and has no idea what is happening to him, he is blind and can’t see what is happening around him. There is nothing in this  world that I want more than to be able to lift him, cuddle him, comfort him and somehow let him know that I will never abandon or desert him and be always here for him. I touch him, and he tries to bite me – I lift him and he screams and struggles until I put him down. He fights and resists every attempt to help or comfort him and at times I just don’t know what to do. The closest I get to him is when I hand feed him his treat in the morning. My recovery is not helped by him yelping at 3am and I have to get out of bed to attend to him and  get him back to his bed again.  Poor wee thing…

It seems like weeks since I last wrote anything here and I suspect the reason it feels like weeks is because it is. The  “Bug” turned out to be a little more serious that we thought and the swabs threw up a few “nasties” – interesting but not  dangerous.  I am still tired and unable to do much, but I am recovering and I should have recovered sufficiently to be in Adelaide on 19th & 20th November. I will be down for the Commission – which I have to attend. I also have to attend a conference on 6th December and that should be me until mid-February next year. Because of the lack of energy I have not been able to keep up with much of what’s been happening  around the place and with the other members of WordPress. I really must try and get on top of things. In the meantime all I can do is quote the words of the Great Mark Twain “The reports of my demise are grossly  exaggerated”


Play, trees and council trucks

The covered in pergola
The covered in pergola

Council trucks and workers are out and about closing off traffic, imposing traffic restrictions as they work to  clear he problems with the  greening project. It’s heartwarming to see my  rates (local taxes) at work. Why do I dislike native trees so much? Partly because they are ugly and not really trees – more big overgrown bushes with a propensity to shed bark, drop branches, make a mess and kill anything that comes close to them. If you drive around this place you will see  the council native trees and  that’s all you will see, nothing else grows beside them. Around them  are the branches and bark they shed, but no grass just dusty empty land.  And it’s the same around the place – where there are native trees there is dry, dead and empty land around them, which is really good for blowing into houses when there is a bit of a wind. It’s not that I dislike them but I believe they are probably great for the correct setting and an urban environment is not a correct setting. But then, what would we know – council has ‘Experts”.   A little poem for you to enjoy.No idea who wrote it.

When the Maker was resting from labour

And He gazed on the world from above

He saw many poor lonely humans

With no one to care for and love.

And the Lord in His infinite mercy

With compassion both tender and wise

Made a furry and four legged creature

With a tail and a pair of brown eyes—

And a heart filled with loyal devotion

From the moment his short life began

And the Maker smiled down from His Heaven

On the Dog He created for man.

When I was down in Adelaide I dropped in to the garden center and bought new plants. I also bought a Gooseberry Bush. I have decided that I will no longer put things in the ground because my soils is not good, but rather put things into pots with a good quality potting mix. I will sit them out in the places where I would have planted  them but with the added bonus that I can bring them into the shade if the  temperature gets too hot. I have a conference this weekend so I will be heading off to Adelaide again and being a glutton for punishment I will probably drop into the garden centre on the way through.

The dogs have been well and I still he to carry the little man for a bit when we go out for walks. I was outside playing with them and he still has lots of energy left, but after we play he sleeps for a bit until next time.