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Thank Goodness Its Friday

Once Dougal went home, the times walking were a little more comfortable and less frustrating. Dougal is a barker  and tends to go gaga if he hears another bark or, indeed, any noise. It does not make for a really enjoyable  walk with him dragging and pulling. Benji, on the other hand is sort of […]

Paws for a moment!

Weather bureau warns SA could experience heaviest rainfall in 30 years The above is the headlines that appeared the other day. There was minor flooding on the first day which caused a bit of traffic chaos and forced what was to be an outdoor funeral – indoors. I did not get to the first funeral because […]

All quiet down here!

The rain continues to pound down in the Eastern States and the north of our State.  The area under water continues to increase but at the moment, despite the chaos, only one person has been killed. . In the north of this state  there may have to be food drops to people and communities cut […]