Bigger is not always better

2013-01-01 07.47.00The State of South Australia covers some 983,482 sq.klm. It’s bigger than Texas but with a total population only marginally greater than  Phoenix,  I suppose we do have a lot of environment. To the west of me – the town of Cowell some 115 klms away   -the photograph is in the general direction of Cowell and there is nothing in between except the general assortment of Australian wildlife. Like many places in the USA  South Australia  punishes people who do not take the environment seriously – they die in the harsh, hot conditions of outback SA. There was three travellers died only a few weeks ago when the car they were driving in broke down and they decided that it was only twenty miles to the nearest settlement, so they could walk there for help in a 45c temperature. They  became lost and didn’t make it and their bodies were recovered only after a massive police  and ranger search. If you treat it with disrespect and are unprepared for the worst that could happen,  the far north of South Australia can be very unforgiving.  Even driving between here and Adelaide, I carry 2 x   3 litre water containers in the boot (trunk) and I always have drinking water with me in the car. When I take the dogs out during the summer months – in the morning before the heat and in the evening when it’s little cooler,,  I generally have a small backpack with a bottle of water and a bowl.

The South Australian Dog Rescue ended the year fairly well and  400 dogs have been saved from the pound and have gone to new furever homes. I have been involved in ten of those, which I have taken from here the 400 klms to the State Capital and their new owners. I hope to be heading that way sometime next week, once this heatwave breaks. At the moment it is 35c but this is expected to rise and to mid 40+c over the next few days and into the start of next week with a cool change coming mid-week.

In the garden it has generally been a tidy up and keep up the watering to what plants have survived the heat of the other week. I have not been able to replace them because it is New Year and most places are closed until today, so I will probably get over to the Garden shop  during the course of the day and have a look at what I think might survive. As I said before I have doubts about labels that say “Full Sun”

All quiet down here!

New South WalesThe rain continues to pound down in the Eastern States and the north of our State.  The area under water continues to increase but at the moment, despite the chaos, only one person has been killed. . In the north of this state  there may have to be food drops to people and communities cut off. Why such a difference in temperature and weather patterns – South Australia is larger than Texas.  Sorry about that but there you are! At the moment it’s mild here but not as warm as it should be. Something I have been painfully aware of is that we seem to have an almost constant wind. I am surrounded by trees and I spend a morning sweeping up leaves and twigs only for the place to be just as bad the next day. Same when  take the dogs out in the evening – there is always a wind. Summer’s end and I’m wearing a jacket already. Where does all the water from Queensland, the Northern Territory and the top parts of New South Wales and South Australia go and why do we not do floods over here? Most of it rushes down into the Lake Eyre Basin. The Lake Eyre basin is an area larger than France, Germany and Italy combined and for Lake eyre to o overflow would take a miracle of Biblical Proportions – really. However having said that it is believed that the flow from the Mississippi could fill Lake Eyre in about three weeks and about three days for the Amazon.

I realise that none of this has anything to do with my rebuilding the garden but with all the rain last week and the strange weather I have not really been able to do much outside other than attend to the weeds that the rain has allowed to spring up.  But provided it starts to clear up and dry out, I will get back into it again – unless my services are needed and I get called into work.