Play, trees and council trucks

The covered in pergola
The covered in pergola

Council trucks and workers are out and about closing off traffic, imposing traffic restrictions as they work to  clear he problems with the  greening project. It’s heartwarming to see my  rates (local taxes) at work. Why do I dislike native trees so much? Partly because they are ugly and not really trees – more big overgrown bushes with a propensity to shed bark, drop branches, make a mess and kill anything that comes close to them. If you drive around this place you will see  the council native trees and  that’s all you will see, nothing else grows beside them. Around them  are the branches and bark they shed, but no grass just dusty empty land.  And it’s the same around the place – where there are native trees there is dry, dead and empty land around them, which is really good for blowing into houses when there is a bit of a wind. It’s not that I dislike them but I believe they are probably great for the correct setting and an urban environment is not a correct setting. But then, what would we know – council has ‘Experts”.   A little poem for you to enjoy.No idea who wrote it.

When the Maker was resting from labour

And He gazed on the world from above

He saw many poor lonely humans

With no one to care for and love.

And the Lord in His infinite mercy

With compassion both tender and wise

Made a furry and four legged creature

With a tail and a pair of brown eyes—

And a heart filled with loyal devotion

From the moment his short life began

And the Maker smiled down from His Heaven

On the Dog He created for man.

When I was down in Adelaide I dropped in to the garden center and bought new plants. I also bought a Gooseberry Bush. I have decided that I will no longer put things in the ground because my soils is not good, but rather put things into pots with a good quality potting mix. I will sit them out in the places where I would have planted  them but with the added bonus that I can bring them into the shade if the  temperature gets too hot. I have a conference this weekend so I will be heading off to Adelaide again and being a glutton for punishment I will probably drop into the garden centre on the way through.

The dogs have been well and I still he to carry the little man for a bit when we go out for walks. I was outside playing with them and he still has lots of energy left, but after we play he sleeps for a bit until next time.

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day.

Well, so much for the “Best Laid Plans”and everything is shot to bits. However, I have completed all of the main edging and this afternoon I will start on the center area. I wont be able to get the chips until next week mainly because I have filled up the trailer with all sorts of rubbish. There was also a setback when I discovered that the old letter box pipe was never removed – only cut down to ground level and covered up. I hit it when I tried to move the edging there. I was forced to stop, dig down to the concrete and  cut the pipe off at the base before I could move forward. That and the weather set me back a bit – and I didn’t get to Adelaide after all. Because of the hot weather then the rain then the heat again the flies have been breeding like crazy and they really a nuisance I gave up a couple of times because the personal fly spray seems to attract rather than repel them. As I said before, this is an aspect of Australia that the travel books don’t tell you about.

Once I had cleared the obstruction I was able to continue on with the edging. I have now started on the center part but I can’t do any more until I clear away the stones from that area, which I had hoped to do this week. Actually I  did hope that I would finish it this week and head off to Adelaide full of satisfaction for a job completed. But not to worry – as my dad used to tell us when we were children “when the Lord made time, he made a lot of it”. I will continue with the work today, rest Sunday and start again on Monday. Everything seems to be taking longer than I had expected it to – or perhaps I am taking longer to do things than I expected to. I finished early because I  had a call to go down and open up the church vestry to let the Technician in to service the photocopier. Little things, but hey set me back a lot of time. I look back and wonder where this week went and why I am not further forward than I am. Perhaps I have an unrealistic expectation of the time it takes to do things. Oh well, not to worry – it will get finished.