Garden, stone and a Pussycat

Trailer empty - getting there.
Trailer empty – getting there.

It’s now been two days since the Windows 10 near disaster and everything has been restored. I did have to make a few changes but nothing too dramatic.  So the lesson – for me anyway – is stay away from Win 10 for the time being.  However it brought home the old saying “To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer”  —Paul R Ehrlich

I did do a fair amount of work on the back area and have completed about half of the work I was doing.  It is on the far side on Annabell’s washing line area so was not able to complete the work for the moment. This area – the crazy paving area – is also on the plan to be redone.  Just to refresh:  this crazy paving area looked good  until you see it really close up – or you are partly disabled and have to hang a washing out on it. It was not well done and is very uneven, so uneven that Herself cannot walk on it. At the moment I have the area partly covered by outdoor underlay and that allows her to get the washing out. Still it’s not a permanent solution and once I finish this current job, I will probably make a start on her washing area before tackling weed central.

In ten days from now I  go down to Adelaide and collect Catherine from Adelaide Airport. Both Herself and I are looking forward to her being here. It’s been eight years since we last had her with us, so apart from working

PeekaBoo - I see you.
PeekaBoo – I see you.

outside, I have also been doing a spot of redecorating in  what will be her bedroom for the duration.

Chienne is well. I need to take her to the vet and get her nails done and  have a quick check that everything is ok. At 14 she eats well, sleep well and we go out for walks most nights. The neighbour’s cats (2) seem to have adopted this area to sleep in, or to sit in the tree and supervise my work. This is not pleasing to Chienne, although it does give her the opportunity  to exercise her vocal chords. Although that was not the case this afternoon when one of the cats made itself a little hiding place under the weed matting where I was working. I had to wait until she got out and wandered away before I could resume work

I went outside last night – camera and tripod – into the back  garden( AKA Weed Central) and tried to take photographs of the moon. Why? you might ask. Well, I was reading this article about how to take photographs of the moon so I thought I would follow the instructions and  try it. Had it worked there would be photographs here – there is not!  We’ll just say no more on that.

Some weeks ago, on a trip back from Adelaide, I stopped again at Lochiel. I took some photographs of the lake and also of the Lakeview

150 years of history gone.
150 years of history gone.

IMG_0420Hotel. In the early years of the Province of SA there were little stop places where the bullock drivers stopped for the night. The wool was brought down from the north on bullock carts and little places like Lochiel  were stopping places. The Pub/Hotel was 150 last year when it went up in flames and all that history lost, I wish they would either knock it down or do something because it is a sad sight when you drive through the area.

Goundhogs and garden plants.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I made the long promised trip to the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens. Had a nice lunch and then  went into the  plant nursery. I bought a range of plants and although they didn’t have quite what I wanted, they were able to do as I hoped hey would – suggest a suitable alternative. But in some ways it feels like Groundhog Day in that I have been down this path before where I get all excited and plant things, water, feed a fertilise them only to have them die anyway. The little man got through the fence I put up and I can’t see where he did this. And this is another thing, if he digs up the plants again (he’s cost me hundreds of dollars) I will  just give up. I would rather just put down weedmatting and pine bark rather than get angry with my dogs and risk starting to be resentful. I am too fond of my dogs for that ever to happen. Perhaps I really should stop trying to pretend I’m a gardener when everything I plant dies on me. I’m sure things go into self destruct sequence as soon as I hand over my money.

Gallipoli  Rosemary (from ANZAC Cove in Turkey)  2 of these

Dianella revoluta – Large   2 of these

Eremophila Hygrophana – 2 of these (lilac flowers)

Eremophila Glabra – 4 of these (different colours)

Correa Glabra  – 2 of these

Goodenia ovala – 2 of these

Frankenia serpyllifolia – 1 of these

I stared the first of the concreting. I did one area and will slowly move down. Although, I have to say that it would be a lot easier if I had a cement mixer ‘ ’cause mixing cement by shovel is fun.  I should be able to do another part this afternoon. I have to take  Herself for her fortnightly shopping this afternoon. The reason for this is that i usually take her on a Monday, but I will be in Adelaide this Monday and not back until Wednesday, so she decided that today is the day!