The Shade-House Project

The shade-house was old and tired and the shade cloth was torn in a number of places. Also as you can see, it was not secured at the bottom, just good for little dogs to wander in and assist with  gardening ” well, it looked like it needed digging, Daddy”. I decided after losing a few plants to over enthusiastic assistant gardeners, that it would be out of commission until such time as I repaired it. I started this project a few weeks ago. I decided that the roof needed to be replaced so I ordered iron and alsynite from the local hardware store and started that job. As I took off the old sheets I also removed the shade cloth. I decided, that since I was doing this on my own and would have difficulty keeping tension, I would replace the roof and then replace the shade cloth. It’s still not as tight as I would like it, but it is secure and closed off at the bottom i.e. dog proof.

Since it was without a roof for a few days the inside was covered in leaves and bark, plus  earth that the ” Assistant Gardeners” spread around the place. I  started to clean that up and use organic soil improver to give any new plants a sort of fighting chance. It’s starting to look not too bad now and the new plants are growing (surviving) well. We have a garden shop, which is not too bad, but I really would like a good nursery where I get good advice and have a good selection of plants.

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