Out and About Again

The birds in the main cage

Benji and I are still wandering through the Ada Ryan Gardens.  I  am getting some questions about how I took the photographs of the birds in the Aviary  when the bars are so small – was I allowed inside the  unit just to photograph the birds?  The answer is no, I was not and like all other people I took my photograph outside  the cages. However, there is a way of  by-passing the small squares of the cage and producing a decent photograph.  I have to say that the gardens are looking really good, well kept and looked after. However, I did notify the council about the lack of “doggie

Have no idea what these flowers are but I liked them.

bags” in the main dispenser and the fact that I had to drive to the foreshore and get a few bags from there, then drive back again. Council were good and responded quickly and the  dispenser was refilled. Well, it stands to reason that they would because the Gardens are popular but I have to say that there are people who are  not so considerate of others and refuse to clean up after their dogs. Anyway, went down to the gardens with Benji this afternoon and true to their word, the dispenser is all filled up.

It was an interesting afternoon in that I did not realise that there was a free concert on in the foreshore park and the place was packed – lots of children – not the place for a Benji, so we retreated back to the gardens where it was quiet . Summer here just didn’t happen but

Don’t know what this is.

autumn is proving to be really much nicer. The temperatures have been good with just enough  rain to keep things watered and fresh. The only fly is that we have had a State Election and the Socialists won. This means that for the next four years of non-events we will have the Socialists claiming that they were left such a mess by the previous government that they couldn’t keep any of the  promises they made. And in order to fix the mess they left we have to impose new taxes although we said we wouldn’t. Same old, Same old… They have a reputation of continual and reckless spending – some of which our great grand-children will be living with.

Today ( Monday) was shopping day and since Annabell was still not the best, we went shopping in the morning so she could get home and rest. Once all was done and I made lunch I took Benji out for a drive. We drove out to Iron Baron, which used to be a mining settlement.  It was a good 50+ klms from town  and had a good camping ground. I sometimes  went out there and spent the night – usually a Friday night when the  Club was open. Since those days,  the mining operation  ceased, the people moved out. In 2011,  before BHP reopened the mine, the township, school, houses,  sport courts, swimming pool and the Community Club, were all bulldozed –

Once there were houses here

nothing, not even rubble, remains. Everything was dumped in a large pit at the far side on the mine. People who work at the mine are brought in by bus, or drive in their own cars – 55klms from Whyalla, 48 Klms from Iron Knob – another small mining town.  There is a series of  continious hills of various sizes that begin about 40 miles from here and run  for about 50 miles. They are very

With mum a few years ago.

rich in Iron Ore and there are several mines in that area. These are where Andrew heads for when he is on call – most of the time. I have a photograph of my mum somewhere when she was about 17 and ready for tennis,. – probably around 1929/1930

Yesterday was a really nice day for the Iron Baron drive. Today is cool to mild with some rain – not a lot and not really rain, more “drizzle” than actual rain. As long as it stays dry for the drive to Adelaide on Monday coming, I don’t mind too much . We don’t think the visit to Flinders Medical will be anything other than a consultation and an exam and to make arrangements for the next day surgery. At least, that’s what we expect, but you never know…

4 thoughts on “Out and About Again

    1. Sometimes I feel as if I am living the song:
      “Can it be that it was all so simple then
      Or has time re-written every line
      And if we had the chance to do it all again
      Would we? – Could we?”


  1. My plant identifying app thought the pink one may be a Belladonna Lily and the other one a member of the amaryllis family. Either way, they are both lovely. Here’s hoping the trip to the medical center goes as planned with no surprises. 🤞🏼


  2. We are not expecting anything, so we hope it stays that way. The flowers at the garden are really nice but when I asked a gardener what one was ( the one you suggest could be a Belladonna Lily) she had no idea and said it was given to the garden. Still, they all do a great job.


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