Warm and wet- very confusing

It’s been a hard morning…

We had a lovely weekend, warm and sunny,  which lasted until Tuesday afternoon and then the rain came back. It rained much of last night and has been raining off and on all morning – well since I got up at 05:30 anyway. We did not go out at 6am since it was still raining, but it cleared up and the rain stopped round about 07:30 – or at least, that’s what I thought, It looked ok so I decided to take Benji for a block walk and the rain started again – yes we got wet and that’s twice in the last week I have managed to do that. At least on this ocassion  the showers were intermittant and not particularly heavy.  Fortunately I have a towell in the car so I got that out and dried off  Benji before we went back into the house.  Benji is a lot better now – the odd scratch from time to time – which is fairly normal – however the medication and the injection seems to have done the trick

Map of Australia

Annabell has not been  at her best this while back and she has difficulty walking. She is slowing diown and thus walks very slowly. If she gets any worse then regardless of her protests I will get a wheelchair. But then again, that’s easy to say – not much use if I go ahead and buy it and she refuses to use it.  I still take her to the ladies night and she enjoys  her night out and if truth be known – I do too !!   She has a mobile (Cell) phone which is used for about two minutes per week.  She calls me to come and pick her up, then she switches it off until next Tuesday. Hospitals and doctors and clinics want a contact number –  what she does know, is my number so that’s what everyone has – they contact me and I hand the phone to her, or take a message if I am out of the house. It’s complicated, but it works.

We now have a new Government.  The last one of this colour, built a new hospital – the New Royal Adelaide Hospital. At over $3 Billion it was the third most expensive building on the planet. It was costed at $2.1 Billion but with  blowouts in cost and major delays, it ended up costing $3.9 billion, for a building we wont own for a generation.  We will be paying for this for the next twenty years- or more.  Now this new  Government, of the same colour, want to build another Hospital – the Women and Children’s Hospital- bulldoze a herritage building  to accommodate it and with a cost of well over

Flowers of the “Hood”

the perevious record of $3.9 Billion.  I did mention that South Australia  has a total population of 1.7 million and that the greater mass of South Australia is desert and  Grassland ( Arid Land) .

It is my  Son’s Birthday this coming Saturday, so Annabell and I are taking him, the family and a few of his friends out to dinner. Should be a good night, and we are looking forward to it. With any reasonable luck, Connor might actually behave. Annabell and I have not been to this Hotel before. It used to be a senior BHP Officer’s Accommodation when they visited here but BHP sold it off years ago. I have never been  to it since then. I was there at a function once  many years ago. I have not been  there since and that was about 1985(ish).  We had  a telephone call from Flinders Medical and they want Annabell down in Adelaide on Monday 31st October. This means that we will be away from Saturday 29th. October until Wednesday  2nd November with the Tuesday being a “rest day” after the procedure and we head for home early Wednesday.

More Flowers.

Saturday. I over slept this morning. The alram went off as usual and generally I touch it once and wait until  the next buzz  in two minutes. I must have touched it twice and it went off altogether. As a results I we did not get out until 06:20. I am so glad it was not later since we are now in the middle of a rain storm. Ther clap of thunder that started it off was so sudden and so loud I  felt like chicken little (The sky is falling!!~the sky is falling!!)  However, we can’t really complain since much of this week was dry,  and at times, warm and sunny.

2 thoughts on “Warm and wet- very confusing

  1. Glad Benji is doing better (even if he got a bit wet this past week). We’ve been in the midst of Indian Summer (mild temps) but dry. A storm is forecast to hit the mountains finally so the ski slopes are praying it’s a good one-they’ve not been able to open because it’s been dry and yet too warm to do any artificial snow. Hoping all goes well at Flinders. Healthcare on this continent also tends to be like what you described. Probably not necessary for new facilities and far too expensive. Sigh.


  2. On Monday I got up, got ready, organised Benji and went out. Got as far as the end of the carport before I turned and went back inside. It was raining. I never heard a thing. It was the sort of rain that we sometimes get in Scotland, light but constant and light or not it’s a very wet, soaking rain. Stayed on for much of the day.


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