Flinders Lodge, Computers and Air Shows

Flinders Medical Centre

Well, we are just about packed and ready to go. Annabell has to see her specialist this afternoon, then we are free until we head off to Adelaide on Saturday morning. It has been raining heavily in Adelaide this last weekl but I am thankful to say that Friday and Saturday are forecast to be dry. This means a fairly quiet run down to Flinders Lodge. I  expect the city centre to be busy but we should get through that  fairly quickly. Once I get Annabell settled in I want to  head up to Norwood Parade and the main  Shopping Centre.  It’s interesting going back down this trip since we

The New Cancer Lodge at Greenhill. SA

suspect that this is the last time we shall be at  Flinders Lodge.  Really, we didn’t expect to be back there again since we were told that the new building would be opened by now. Anyway, this is South Australia where no major building is ever completed without cost blowouts and delays – so why should the New Cancer Lodge be any different?

On the way down we will  stop off at Officeworks. Annabell needs a new tablet and  my ipad is getting much too old – Still serviceable – but only just. So, I said I would get her a new  tablet so she can continue to watch Foxtel. Not being a TV person it doesn’t really bother me. I watch the news and that’s about it. Although I have to say that this computer is causing a few problems. Like the ipad, it’s getting  on a bit and slowing down and I am sure I am losing some of my mail – at least on this machine. I have mail on my phone that has not shown up on here yet. When we get back from Adelaide I’ll take it to the computer center here and get it updated. Actually, I cannot  download  Windows 11 to this machine but from what I hear, that’s no loss

Other than a Tuesday night with the ladies, Annabell does not get out much these days – unless I am available to take her out and even then it’s generally shopping – or to church. She used to represent us at the various ladies group functions in  other churches, but  many of them have the same problems we have – declining numbers.

Present Council Buildings

Currently we are in the midst on the local Council elections – both for Mayor and the Council itself. All positions end this year so it’s a full election. We have  2  candidates for Mayor and  19 people for 9 positions on council. On the agenda for the new  council to consider is  the building of a new Council Chambers, where, when and how much?

On Saturday the City Council are promoting an Air Show to celebrate the $10 million upgrade and development of the Airport. I  have tickets for this and, sadly, I will not be attending. What a great photo opportunity, but we will be on our way to Adelaide and Annabell’s Clinic. Still, not too great a loss – Annabell, however,  has the great Joy of spending 4.5 hours in the car and a live concert – starring  ME.

Slight change of plans. We were supposed to be travelling down on Saturday, however,  we are now not travelling down to Adelaide until the Sunday.  We decided that the “Sunday Rest Day” was really not necessary so we decided that we would put off our departure until Sunday morning.  Given the new arrangements I could now attend the Air Show, but  after some discussion on Wednesday night at the Photography Group, I might give it a miss. I don’t know, I will see how things are. Mainly there is really not the space available for parking at a major air shop. Goodness, it’s bad enough trying to park when an  aircraft comes in and you go to collect someone. Heaven knows what it would be like at an air show.

Benji and Yogi. Sadly, Yogi has now left us

This afternoon was not a good afternoon for me. For reasons unknown, other than wandering all around the hospital getting Annabell to tests and then waiting on her specialist to see her, all of which took from 1:30  to 4:45 pm. and my right knee decided to play up. Sadly,  by the time we got home it was quite painful. Still, if I behave and don’t do too much this evening, it should settle down for tomorrow. At least that’s what I hope.

6 thoughts on “Flinders Lodge, Computers and Air Shows

  1. I pray all will go well for Annabell and you on Sunday and Monday. And hopefully by now your knee has calmed down.

    Our elections are coming up soon, too, but thankfully it’s only midterms for the federal government so it won’t be as crazy as it was in 2020. Unfortunately, we have to wait another 4 years before we can vote out the two knuckleheads “representing” us in the Senate. It’s more they’re representing themselves and that slob who lost re-election to Joe Biden in ’20. Joe’s trying, but it’s hard to get much done when your own party has a slim majority in Congress. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t have the patience for politics and politicians any more. I do what I need to do to keep my own household in order, my dog happy and healthy, myself healthy and as cheerful as possible at this point, and occasionally listen to some local news.

    Hope you get your computer issues resolved.


    1. Thank you, Zen’s Mama. We are now into Friday and yes, it has setled down and I just managed to do the three morning hike with Benji. We had our Federal Election was earlier this year and we got a new government. Not very impressed thus far, but then they have been out of office for the past decade so they are trying to make up for “lost time”. I am not a TV person but I do like to watch my favourite Comedy Program – The News. The frustration with politics is fairly widespread. Also when a party is in power for too long they tend to lose their focus, particularly if they have a large majority. Also in dim dark days beyond recall politicans worked for the people who elected them – now their only concern seems to be “what’s in it for ME?” I agree with you – dog is happy – I am happy.


  2. Sorry about the buggered up knee; hope it gets better and hoping you have an easy time of it traveling with all good wishes for the various tests and stay. Give my favorite ‘Down Under pooch’ a nice ear rub from me. Good luck with the electronic devices. Had to replace my laptop recently so share your frustrations. At least I don’t have to deal with Window issues. Whew! Go grateful those days are long in the past.


      1. All my devices are Apple and have been since I retired. Got tired of having to purchase the latest software every few years. Am very happy (for the most part) with Apple and they provide excellent customer service.


  3. I had an operation on this knee a few years ago but I think it needs to be replaced and it’s not quite bad enough for that – yet.. I am using the laptop more often now. The computer causing me concern is this Tower Desktop. Will see to it after Adelaide.


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