Sands of Time.

LOL How I feel sometimes…

Over the last months—even before Annabell’s illness—I have been considering where to go with my posts. I did consider some time ago about closing it down and this is what I am considering again. I have kept it going because it has given me a good outlet and I actually enjoyed doing it,  but so very few people read or comment ( thank you all)  that perhaps it is time to go and that the  page has outlived its usefulness.  I will, however, keep it going until Christmas / New Year and then make the decision.

Benji and I still go out but  since we are surrounded by  Conservation Areas, National Parks and the Military PlayPen, this means that  much of the countryside and places of interest  are all barred to me because if I can’t take Benji, I don’t want to go there. And the further north you go the more  National Parks and Conservation areas there are. — From the SA State Gov. Web Page ::  There are now 358 parks and reserves in South Australia, which cover 22.6% of the state. All of these are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act.::

Sunrise at the Wetlands

I think people really do not understand the size of this state. I tell people that South Australia is bigger than either Texas or Alaska,  which does not register, so suggesting that I could go beyond the area of the National Parks is just  not realistic. I agree in preservation and conservation but it is  a large  area  ( 20 square klms)  that Wild Dog Hill Conservation Park covers.. For a start it is well off the main road and  is not really well visited, so a visit by a  Ranger every few hours would send a good message, particularly if there are notices that the area is patrolled by Park Rangers and  impose a heavy fine for breaches of the rules. Not to be Draconian but to send a message so that people stick to the rules and the wildlife is still protected. People who take their dogs with them on a holiday are “Dog People” and not  moved to break the rules nor let their dog run riot in a restricted area.

Before Annabell’s  current illness I took Benji to the Wetlands and the Ada Ryan Gardens and when she improves in health, I will try and get back down to the Wetlands again.   Between the cancer and the seizures, 2022 has not been the best year for Annabell and we are praying that 2023 will be much better for her.  My health is good, for which I am most thankful .

Fortunately the weather has been very good—warm and sunny, which makes a change from heavy rain and high winds over the last weeks. We are in the third day since she was released from hospital and already there is a really good change, She is sounding  very much better and although she is still using the walker, she seems to be walking and moving a lot better. However, a bit to soon to go back to her own room yet, so we still stick to the present arrangements for another day or so. I will do the shopping tomorrow ( according to the list I am given),  “give instructions to a wise man and he will be yet wiser”  and that should keep me occupied for a while.

Always My Boy!

Benji has settled down to the new arrangement. Now he just goes to sleep when the lights go out, which makes a great change from him  sticking a wet nose in my face. And you can’t  protect yourself because it’s dark and he is very silent.  Spent more time than anticipated at the shopping centre since I kept bumping into people and the only thing they asked was “How is Annabell?”   So inbetween  shopping I have been talking to people and answering questions. But as I said above, she really is improving and much better now than she was last week. Everything is improving – which is good and positive.

6 thoughts on “Sands of Time.

  1. I’m very happy to hear Annabell is improving. I can understand you’re thoughts on whether or not to continue the blog down the road. I’ve been contemplating my own blog future as I’ve been recovering from COVID. But like you, I love staying in touch with a number of very special folks I’ve become acquainted with these past many years. I know for certain I will be closing the K9 shop page down after the New Year. It never came close to paying for itself and just not worth the effort to maintain it let alone incur the ever increasing costs and fees keeping it ongoing. Please pass along my best wishes to Annabell and give the lad a nice chin rub from me. Stay well and keep smiling.


    1. Yes she is getting better and stronger with each passing day. There has been a great improvement in her since we came from the hospital. She has not left the house yet, but there is time enough for that part. At least I am still keeping contact with the world outside. I really don’t know what to do about the blog yet. I will give a lot of thought to it between now and the end of the year, and yes, there are people that I really enjoy “talking” to and it occurs to me that if I do leave I would be constantly wondering afterwards how ??? is and how the dog/dogs are. Anyway, that’s a decision for another day.

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