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Winter rain cometh!

It would appear that the “Parcel”thing may well have been some sort of scam. What the purpose of it is or was, we have no idea but it would seem several people across the town received such an email. Anyway, it has been deleted but it seems such a strange thing without any definable purpose.  After […]

Melbourne – Part 3

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Melbourne Day three of our trip and today is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. I think everyone was up and ready bright and early. The Tattoo was at 1pm but we had no idea where the Ethiad Stadium was, what the area was like and what kind of parking to expect. We  talked […]

Drive to Melbourne Part 2

From the crowds at the 12 Apostles  Tourist Complex we headed back inland through rain forests with an occasional glimpse of the coastline until we reached Marengo  ( no battle here – different Marengo) then Appollo Bay. We stayed in Apollo Bay for a little while to  have a bit of a break – food […]

Settling in: New home: New family.

Tuesday and  things are settling down. Benji has settled in well and  has the full run of the house and the yards. We have been out walking but the harness I have is just a bit tight so I will see about getting a new one today.  This has been the October Long Weekend, with […]

Nearly back to “Normal” (??)

I have removed myself from several on-line groups that I belonged to. I really had not a lot in common with them to begin with – indeed the only thing we really had in common was our collective use of ringed planners i.e. Filofax. I was also finding that the vast majority of the members […]

Next Stop – All change! Move right along please!!

I guess it will take me some time to get used to the fact that The Man is no longer here. I still wake up in the early hours of the morning expecting to hear him, but I have no doubt that will slowly fade in time. He was such a big part of my […]

Chienne and The Man

Her name (Chienne)  means several things but I prefer the term “Female Dog”  Unlike the Man, Chi was not adopted or rescued, Chi was bought by me – well, actually both of us – from a Pet Shop. Now  when you have calmed down and brought your arms back to your side after throwing them […]